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Metro Analytics is a network of independent urban planners, civil engineers, architects, and urban economists. If you have successful freelance experience, or if you’ve always had a regular job but you have a loyal clientele that would follow you wherever you go, you may fit well with us.

Metro is for highly disciplined achievers who often secure and manage their own projects, and always give 110% even when they’re not leading the project. It’s for independent spirits who don’t need a boss, but do need to avoid the paperwork, expense, learning curve, isolation, and weak brand recognition of actually starting an independent business. We are each companies of one, within one company. We are professionals with our own formulas for success, and no boss other than our own clients and team leaders. We share overhead, marketing, information, methods, talents, projects, office space, and branding. Metro connects you to great teams, helps with marketing, and keeps the business management headaches away, so that you can focus on what you love – making cities better, and getting paid well for doing it!

Our program rewards entrepreneurs for their success and sacrifice. It also works well for those who have other commitments such as university professors, retirees, and stay-at-home parents. Consider the scenarios below. If you can relate, and are tempted by the benefits we describe, you may want to contact us.

Love the work! But hate your job?

In your quest to be the best you can be, traditional firms offer large, exciting projects which they acquire through their strong brands, marketing, and vast network of great people. As you rub shoulders with great people, you become great yourself if you’re dedicated. It’s why you love the work in spite of stifling bureaucracy, long daily commutes, and unimpressive raises.

But aren’t you tired of floating the corporate boat, watching your hard-earned winnings pay for pomp, luxury, premium real estate, and “essential overhead?” You want more schedule flexibility, freedom to build your own teams even with people outside your firm, and freedom to test your own formulas for success without getting shot down by middle-managers. But sadly you feel you can’t leave! How else will you get health and liability insurance, and the computer and software you need? They have great IT support, and handle a lot of the marketing, accounting, and legal aspects of making sure you get paid.

Perhaps you have a loyal clientele, and you’re pretty sure they’ll follow you – as long as you’re in another large firm with a similar depth of resources and solid reputation. But will they still hire you if you start freelancing and lose that depth of resources? Thus your love/hate relationship with your job goes on and on as you try firm after firm. But you can never muster the courage to cut the umbilical cord, even though you are popular with many clients. You want independence, but you need a strong support structure. How can you get that structure outside of stifling corporations?

Are you a successful freelance engineer, planner, architect, or economist?

Perhaps you took the plunge and have been freelancing for a while. For freelancers, it’s easier to get small, on-call tasks from governments and even other consultants. That’s because your contacts discover they can get your excellent work without the “huge project budgets” and bunch of hungry junior kittens they had to feed in order to get to you. On your good days in freelance, you learn with certainty that your clients value you! You’ve enjoyed the freedom to try it your way. On these happy days you’ve had more than you could do. On scary days you’re praying for rain! But you love the ultimate schedule flexibility. You take as much time off as you want, and work in the “must do’s” for your clients wherever you can.

You probably have a home office or an affordable office location that you chose close to home – no more long commutes! When it comes to spending, you’re much more careful than your old firms were, because it’s your money! Your careful, tax-deductible purchases and wise use of time allow you to cut your rate below your competitors, increasing your odds of winning work and giving them good value, but still taking home more than before even after your overhead expenses. Assuming you can land similar billable hours, your take-home will be 40-80% higher even after expenses.

But as a “company of one” you fought hard to get to where you are. You invested crazy hours to figure out things you never cared to know, such as accounting and taxes, invoicing, legal issues, liability insurance, and workers comp. You had to come up with health insurance, and maybe you set up a logo, business cards, email, and a web page. Then there’s the everyday hard work of staying plugged in with your industry – lunches, unearthing job opportunities, and writing proposals with limited graphic or marketing assistance.

You may be successful enough, but perhaps you feel your jobs are less exciting and less important than before because it’s hard to get on good teams for great projects. Other firms want their own people even if they know you’re more fun and reliable to work with and better for the client! You’ve had to claw for work, and you’ve failed to win a lot of jobs you know you could have won had you been part of a larger, well-known firm. Though in many ways you’ve worked harder and longer than you did before, you’ve also been happier being your own boss and realizing you are the beneficiary of your own labor. Still, you worry about weathering extended dry-spells. Will your savings hold out? Will you have to “get a job”?

The Best of Both Worlds

There are clear benefits to large firms – they offer security, challenging work, steady pay, and they keep the details away so you can focus on making clients happy. There are also clear benefits to independence – you get freedom, flexibility, and you can earn a lot of money “when it rains.” There are also downsides to both: you have to tolerate a lot when you’re not in charge, and independent freelancers are always at risk because it’s always hard to win big projects against big shops.

Metro Analytics helps you get the best of both worlds, and also minimizes the downsides of both. Most of us make arrangements for our own office space, usually at home. But we all share a virtual office through use of video conferencing, screen sharing, and general collaboration. We’ve found it really doesn’t matter much where you actually are in the country when your products are electronic. You get the benefits of freelance independence, yet present a skilled, unified team, depth of resources, and liability assurances just as your best clients expect. What matters is whether your skills are needed by those in our network,and whether you have the ability to win work for yourself or your team from your own contacts. Metro can also help you with marketing and proposal preparation, building great teams, and minimizing your role in the mucky details of business management.

Ready to Learn More? Contact Us

Steve Jobs famously said to Pepsi’s CEO John Scully, “Do you want to sell sugar-water for the rest of your life, or come with me and change the world?” Metro is still very small, but our ideas and ambitions are BIG! We intend to change the world’s urban fabric in impressive ways, and we will get there by first creating a vehicle that changes your world in impressive ways. It’s all about people. If you’re excellent, and you’re happy here, then many other excellent people will be happy here, and together we can change the world.

Wherever you are, if you’re intrigued and want to learn more about us, our strategies for growth, and our ability to support your journey, contact us! We won’t recruit you or paint an overly rosy picture of your prospects. We’ll listen to your situation, explain our own situation, and give you an honest assessment of what we’d do if we were in your shoes. We know we may still be too small to support your angle, and we won’t hide that if it’s true. Because we need quality growth from the right people more than we need near-term profit, we’ll skim nothing from your earnings. Instead we’re just hoping to connect with team players and business builders. As we’re new, it may be a great opportunity to take advantage of our ground-floor position and secure an ownership position through sweat-equity and great performance on the way up. We’ll gladly take time to give you more details and help you determine if this could work for you. Also see our "Top Ten Reasons to Join Metro Analytics."

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