Mike Brown, PE AICP - Mike's strengths include Travel Demand Forecasting, Data Visualization, Innovative Intersections, and Big Picture multi-modal solutions.   Chandler Duncan, Director, Economics - Skilled in Tredis, Implan, freight, etc., Chandler has led Benefit / Cost Analysis for some of the most complex projects in the country.
Paul Bingham, Freight & Trade Economics - Paul is a reknown expert in infrastructure financing, policy, logistics, & economic analysis for freight and international trade.   Reid Ewing, PhD - Reid is the 6th most published urban planner in the world, and a professor at the University of Utah. He consults for Metro Analytics in his spare time.
An Ho, Web Programming - An is a web development expert and has helped Metro create products like StreetPlan.net, and AlternativeIntersections.org   Colby Brown, System Metrics - His years at Citilabs and ESRI make this MIT graduate amazingly capable of wielding Cube and ArcGIS to support policy decisions.
Matt Miller, Urban Planner - Matt is finishing a PhD at the University of Utah. He is passionate about transit ridership forecasting and performance-based planning.   Brian Alstadt, Economics - A skilled data scientist, Brian specializes in economic and demographic forecasting, and software development.
Yogesh Pathak, Architecture / GIS - Yogesh is an excellent landscape architect, GIS analyst, and general urban planner. He leads our efforts in India.   Vincent Matheney, GIS/Graphics - Vincent is an artist who shines up our work. He is also a skilled web designer and GIS specialist. Vincent created Studio Draco.

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