Top Ten Reasons to Join Metro Analytics Meet Our People
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10. Exciting Projects - Our teams win and create great projects. Advance your knowledge and reputation through high-profile projects that have lasting value.
9. Ownership - Earn shares in Metro! But also, don't "sign away" your intellectual property! Some firms confiscate your work. You keep your computer, docs, & patents if you ever leave!
8. Stepping Stone - No "non-compete" clauses. Use Metro as a stepping stone to your own business or your next adventure. We're not threatened by your success!
7. Freedom - It's a rush to make it on the strength of your own ideas, efficiencies, talents, and worth ethic. The thrill of victory and sobering lessons of serious challenges are well worth it!
6. Flexibility - Want to earn more? Work more! Already work more? Get paid for it! Time for children, vacations, hobbies? Work less or at night! We don't care how you organize your life.
5. Personal Growth - With freedom comes responsibility. You'll step up your game, or you'll beg back your old job - but you will grow. Learn from those you respect. Gain respect quickly.
4. "You're Fired!" - Not happy with a colleague at Metro? Choose your own team, within or outside the firm. Fire your boss! - No more performance reviews, mandatory meetings, silly paperwork, permission to market or attend conferences, etc. You provide your own raises - if you can! You cut your own rate - if you have to! Attend conferences - if they're worth it!
3. Great Services - Professional logo, web-pages, business cards, email, IT support and advice, payroll management, pre-tax group health insurance, professional liability insurance, unemployment taxes, worker's comp, time sheet and invoice support, local and national marketing exposure, various pre-approved funding pools, incentives to share work internally, access to pre-tax retirement plans and health savings accounts, contract development & accounting, tax strategies - avoid the muck of legalizing and managing your own business!
2. Great Reputation - Metro Analytics is structured to attract and serve the industry's A-players, who in turn add to the strength of our brand. A strong brand increases all our chances for great projects!
1. Make More Money! - Who likes seeing their hard work pay for "corporate overhead"? The pomp and luxury for corporate officers and do-little middle-managers; plus the expensive offices, marketing ventures you will gain little value from, and high salaries for coworkers of questionable value. And good luck getting the software you need and decent equipment to run it on. Metro's system minimizes overhead, helping you get what you really need with money to spare!
At Metro, you benefit from the value you produce!
Contact us to learn more about how it all works, and also see our Career Opportunities.

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