Benefit-Cost Analysis with EDRG's TREDIS

We partner frequently with Economic Development Research Group, the makers of TREDIS, which quantifies the economic impact of multi-modal transportation plans and projects.

Successful TIGER Grant Applications

Federal TIGER grants require an economic Benefit-Cost Analysis to ensure your project will be sufficiently beneficial to the economy. Metro Analytics and EDRG together have taken projects that have historically failed the test, dissected them and discovered benefits that were previously overlooked, and resubmitted and successfully obtained TIGER funding. Contact us for assistance in telling your story too.

Congestion Pricing Boosts Productivity by Billions

In one analysis, we used a travel model to test the economic benefits of Congestion Pricing in the Salt Lake area. First, we assumed that all 2040 freeways in the area would be priced, if necessary to ensure they would not fail. Then we compared against the normal 2040 plans in which have a lot of failing freeways. The result is a - LOT of time savings and reliability improvement. Our TREDIS analysis suggests the accumulated benefits between now and then could exceed $50-Billion in societal benefits and increased economic output. And while many will point out that congestion pricing is like a tax, these benefits can all be obtained with no net increase in taxes if the revenues raised are used to lower existing taxes, or to reduce fuel taxes that otherwise would have been even higher.

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